Our Process


During our first meeting we create the blueprint for your bespoke garments. Measurements are carefully taken, whilst taking into account all the characteristics of the individual’s physique. The measurements are recorded as the pattern and serves as the personal template for what we make up for the client. After taking the measurements the client returns within 8-12 hours for the first fitting.

Fine fabrics / cutting

We offer an extensive range of fine materials, we work with the client to selects the fabrics, keeping in mind the particular style envisioned. The cloth is delivered to our workrooms and cut by hand, creating all the individual panels for the garment.

We work with our clients to create the ideal silhouette that delivers a classic shape, bringing balance and proportion as well as enhancing the body’s natural outline.

Putting Together

Or highly skilled and experienced tailor, knows from experience how best to make up the client’s clothes. Their well-trained eye observes the pattern for the smallest imperfections. Only when he is entirely satisfied does he begin sewing it together. The garment is then readied for the first fitting.

First Fitting

During the first fitting, our tailor begins to make alterations to suit the client’s posture.

Marking Up

The garment is then re-cut, taking into account any necessary adjustments. At Reign Custom Tailors, each time this is done the client’s master pattern is changed, which will change the pattern used for any future garments. We see this as an evolving process, done by hand, assuring that the client gets what they desire.

Once marking up has been done to the everyone's satisfaction, the garment is then given back to the tailor to be prepared for the second fitting. The tailor will then observes the pattern for any imperfections before the suit is ready for the client’s next visit.

Second Fitting

Our bespoke process ensures that we carefully examine the garment during the fittings. Checking the previous alterations and amendments from the first fitting, all with an eye toward making further required refinements.


This is when the silhouette takes its final form. As the tailor finishes the piece, he creates a one of a kind garment, ensuring a unique look for every client.

Final Fitting

The client now tries on the finished suit or bespoke garment, which is closely inspected and approved. Each piece is documented, enabling us to source materials to repair any damage in the future. The clients’ final individual master patterns are saved, creating the foundation for any future tailored garments.